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Dan Kapelovitz has devoted his law practice to representing people caught up in the criminal justice system and helping animals. Now it’s time for Dan to represent all Californian creatures, great and small, as California’s next governor.  

Vote for Dan Kapelovitz in the upcoming special election for California Governor.

The Recall:

I am against the recall.  However, I am running for governor in case the people do vote for the recall because I believe that I am the best choice to replace Governor Newsome if that comes to pass.

Animal Rights:

As an animal rights attorney who has successfully represented many animal rights activists pro bono, I believe that one of the most pressing issues today is the way that animals are treated. During law school, I worked for the Animal Protection Unit of the Los Angeles City Attorney and was president of UCLA Law School’s Animal Law Society.  Today, I represent animal rights activists accused of crimes related to their activism.

Here is the Green Party’s platform regarding the Ethical Treatment of Animals: https://www.gp.org/ecological_sustainability/#esEthical   I support this platform, but believe it does not go far enough to protect animals.  We need to end factory farming now.  We need to end cruel animal experimentation now.  I also believe in legal personhood for all animals.  If a corporation is considered a “person” with constitutional rights, then how can it be that animals are not?

Criminal Justice Reform:

As a criminal defense attorney, I have seen so many aspects of the criminal justice system that need drastic reform.  We must end mass incarceration.  We need to abolish the death penalty (except for certain corporate corporations who are legally deemed “persons”).  We need to reform the bail system so that innocent people are not coerced to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit just to get out of jail with a time-served sentence.  This happens multiple times every day in the criminal courts.  We need to end racist gang enhancements.  End Three Strikes laws.  Stop trying children as adults.  Make the jails and prisons safer.

Bio: Dan Kapelovitz is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. In addition to being a criminal defense attorney, Dan teaches Criminal Procedure and Evidence at the People’s College of Law.

Dan Kapelovitz earned his law degree from UCLA School of Law, graduating in the top ten of his class. At UCLA, he was the President of the Animal Law Society, and a member of the UCLA Law Review.  Dan also volunteered for the Innocence Project and the Prisoner Re-Entry Project, and worked on special circumstances murder cases and other criminal matters for the Los Angeles County Public Defender as part of UCLA’s Capital Punishment Clinic.

During law school, Dan externed at the Working People’s Law Center, where he worked on criminal law cases, helping obtain a new trial for a client due to juror misconduct.  He also served as a law clerk for the Animal Protection Unit of the Los Angeles City Attorney, working on animal abuse and neglect cases.

After graduating law school, Dan was an associate attorney at a large civil law firm, where he was the lead attorney on a successful asylum case, worked on a successful pro bono prisoner civil rights case, and litigated employment, Intellectual Property, entertainment, and other matters.

Dan then clerked for a federal judge for the United States District Court of the Central District of California.  There, Dan gained invaluable knowledge of the behind-the-scenes workings of a judge’s chambers. During his clerkship, Dan completed the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Trial Advocacy Program, which allowed him to try criminal cases for the Los Angeles City Attorney.

After trying cases for the City Attorney, Dan began devoting his efforts to help those who have found themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.

Before becoming a lawyer, Dan had a successful career in journalism.  He was the Features Editor of Hustler Magazine, and wrote more than 100 articles for numerous publications, including the LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Bizarre Magazine, Men’s Edge, and more.  At Hustler Magazine, Dan won the Project Censored Award for his reporting on depleted uranium, and was the editorial point man for Larry Flynt’s First Amendment lawsuit against the Pentagon.

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