LA Times Opinion: Meet the other recall candidates – Dan Kapelovitz, Green Party. Los Angeles Times, August 26, 2020.

Dismissing Voter Choice No Way to Win Recall Election. By Dan Kapelovitz and Michael Feinstein. LA Progressive, August 22, 2021.

“But more profoundly, telling voters not to vote on Question #2 demonstrates exactly the type of personal arrogance and elitism that got Newsom in trouble with so many voters with the French Laundry Restaurant scandal — an arrogance that helped fuel the recall petition drive to qualify in the first place. 

Newsom has every right to campaign for himself on Question #1, by urging a ‘No’ vote.  But it is not his place to tell voters to give up their choice on Question #2 – it’s their choice, not his. Showing such disdain for voter choice suggests Newsom really doesn’t belong in the Governor’s office in the first place — as it is supposed to be an office respecting all Californians.

This isn’t the first time that Newsom thinks he knows more about what’s good for voters than they do. In 2019, Newsom vetoed SB212, a bill that would’ve have given voters more choice in California’s 361 general law cities — as well as in all of California’s school districts and counties — by giving them the option to adopt ranked-choice voting for use in local elections, contingent upon a local public vote.

The Dan Kapelovitz for Governor candidacy offers a primary focus on ranked-choice voting and proportional representation elections. Ranked-choice voting gives voters the option to rank multiple candidates and eliminates ‘vote-splitting’ and the ‘lesser-of-two-evils’ dynamic. Under proportional representation, instead of winner-take-all, single-seat-district elections, parties win seats in multi-seat districts, in proportion to their support among the voters. Every vote for the Kapelovitz campaign is a vote for these important reforms and a viable multi-party democracy for California, giving more people a seat at the table of our democracy.”

Meet the eccentric Jews running in the recall election: a lawyer, a poultry prince and a billboard queen. The Jewish News of Northern California, August 23, 2001.

“Kapelovitz is running as a Green because he thinks the party’s progressive ideas have the support of a lot of left-leaning Californians. He also supports ranked-choice voting, something he thinks might weaken the hold the two big parties have on seats in California elections.”

Newsom hopes voters will ignore recall ballot second question – They don’t have to. Los Angeles Times, August 9, 2021.

“I know a lot of very smart people and people who are very engaged in political action who still don’t seem to understand there are two questions on this recall ballot,” said Marcia Hanscom, a longtime environmental activist and state Democratic Party delegate. “And the answers to both of these questions are essential.”…Hanscom, who said she is disappointed that Newsom hasn’t done more so far to address climate change, nonetheless plans to vote against the recall. On the second question, though, she is leaning toward a vote for criminal defense attorney Dan Kapelovitz, one of the two Green Party candidates on the replacement ballot.

• Vote “No” On The Recall And Then Vote For Newsom’s Potential Replacement | by Carl J. Petersen | Aug, 2021 | Medium.

I am voting “no” on the recall because California cannot risk having its own version of Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott. The safety of our fellow citizens depends on having someone in the governor’s mansion with the experience to guide us safely through the end of this pandemic. Most importantly, we need a Governor who will listen to scientists, not Donald Trump.

It is important to remember that voting “no” on the recall is not enough. When it comes to the second question on the ballot every person who votes against the recall must still choose someone to replace Newsom if he loses his fight to stay in office. Doing so will not dilute your “no” vote in any way, it is only a backup measure to ensure that Trump Republicans do not take control of California’s Executive Branch. Think of it as a case of hoping for the best but planning for the worst.

Personally, I am leaning towards voting for Dan Kapelovitz, one of the two Green Party candidates on the ballot. One of the reasons that I am considering voting for him is that he is very clearly opposing the recall effort. By urging a “no” vote on the recall he is showing that he recognizes the threat that this effort represents to our state and democracy.
Another important factor in my decision-making process is Kapelovitz’s support of public education. When I asked him at a recent forum if he would support efforts to hold charter schools accountable he blew past this question to declare that the way to improve our education system was to support public schools. Compare this attitude to Larry Elder’s proposal to make more education funds available for charter school fraud by enacting a voucher system.


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• LA Times Opinion: Meet the other recall candidates – Dan Kapelovitz, Green Party. Los Angeles Times, August 26, 2020.

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