Animal Rights and Protection

The Law Offices of Daniel I. Kapelovitz offers pro bono services for those who are facing criminal charges related to their advocating for animals, be it charges related to protesting or those related to undercover investigations exposing animal abuses by Big Agriculture.

Also, if your dog (or any companion animal) has been killed by law enforcement agents, call the Law Offices of Daniel I. Kapelovitz.  Cops shooting dogs has become a serious and growing problem.  Unless an officer shoots a dog in self-defense, it is most likely that the officer violated your (and your dog’s) civil rights.

Attorney Dan Kapelovitz believes that animals deserve rights and protection.  At UCLA School of Law, Dan was the president of the Animal Law Society.  During law school, he externed with the Animal Protection Unit of the Los Angeles City Attorney, working on animal neglect and abuse cases.  He also conducted fact investigation in a lawsuit against an animal shelter, and served as a legal observer for animal rights activists ensuring that the police did not violate protestors’ First Amendment rights.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime related to animal rights, or if your animal has been killed by law enforcement, call the Law Offices of Daniel I. Kapelovitz today!

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